The Company
that cares about cleaning 
Our Service​s
  1. House Cleaning
    House Cleaning
    Providing security, affordability, dependable services to our clients with a personal touch.
  2. Office Cleaning
    Office Cleaning
    Attention to detail is the main key to a comfortable work space. Your work space is your second home, feel safe to leave the tidying up to us.
  3. Hoarding/Unlivable properties
    Hoarding/Unlivable properties
    Let's us make your home livable again. Debris removal at an affordable price.
  4. Construction offices
    Construction offices
    Let use take care of your work area. Let your work space be environmentally safe.
  5. Large event area
    Large event area
    Let us clean before and after events of all kind.
 Services Included
  1. Cleaning Crew
    Our staff are a motivated group of cleaners, that ensure security, dependability, and great customer relations.
  2. Supplies
    We supply basic janitorial products that are family friendly and pet safe. Eco products are available.
  3. Inspections
    We provide a walk threw with our clients before and after so that we grantee that all areas of cleaning has been met.
  4. Company History
    Tidy Up General Cleaning Service has been in business for over a decade servicing the southern region. Give excellent service to homes and business. We are a team of proud decade workers. Giving quality cleaning to our customers, while maintain secure, dependable, affordable, service, in a professional manner. Owed, and operated by United States Veteran. Licensed and Bonded.
  5. Service Guaranteed
    Tidy Up General cleaning service, "Cares about our clients " and stands behind the serves that we provide.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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